Watched a video about palliative care for children last night. One 18 year old dealing with relapsed cancer since 13 told his mom not to resuscitate him if anything happened because he felt like he had been through enough aggressive treatments and to let him go. She replied

“I’m not ready to let you go”

Who would be ready right?

They felt he wisely left it as that but prepared for the inevitable in his own quiet ways by getting them to help with tasks like disseminating gifts to his friends after he passed.

It raised some thoughts I’ve been having about picking up too much during our lives and not being able to let go when the time has come. Considering the end of things can bring the pain of the future into the present but it can help us live better, be less wasteful with our money, emotions and efforts.

While painful, perhaps that’s how we grow as people, picking up things with heavier and heavier consequences hoping they won’t crush us one day.

It’s kinda late and I don’t feel like sleeping. Life’s kinda like a bullet train at the moment. Standing in motion, everything within is quiet, calm and slow to my perception but everything without¬†is just rushing by in a giant blur. We’ll all be dead before you know it.

I haven’t had much time to reflect. I suppose¬†the evening before his resurrection was a thick¬†one for the disciples being only 3 days after his crucifixion. Dark days.

During my drive today I thought about how God always initiated reconciliation before man. He first sought out Adam and Eve after they sinned. Then he sent Jesus to die, initiating redemption for all, past-present-future.

Who are we to do any less?