Wasn’t feeling too good today but going out was a good move. Went downtown to Clinton Street Bakery, waited at Pause Cafe and went to Central Park for a walkabout.


A Cloudy Day in Fall


Yep, YX finished her quiz and we went out with some friends from Singapore.

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Post-Quiz Outing

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Fall Colors in New Hampshire


This is part of a series documenting my year in the US.

The day before started with me driving down to  Toa Payoh and selling the Nissan Sunny.

Bye bye to the Nissan Sunny!

Bye bye to the Nissan Sunny! This guy was really tough!

Caught a ride back from my brother and went back to bed. Some last minute problems came up like I couldn’t find my OCBC token and was going to make a new one when on my way out we found it. Haha.. so that’s how we spent the morning. Wrapped some presents in advance, wrote some cards and packed whatever little bits we had left to pack. We were mostly done by then actually, nothing really much to do. It was nice and quiet. Ate some ice cream, said bye to Fiqoh. Got a picture but her eyes all red! So I’ll leave it out. Then we went off! about 3 x 50lb big luggages and 2 x backpacks.

Headed to the airport around 8:30pm and hung around. Some photos (from my brother’s fb):

We were cutting it pretty close time-wise! Still, I kinda wanted to spend as much time as I could outside. It’s just a short year but still it’s a year of togetherness you exchange for a year of new experiences in the states. I guess I just want everything.

After going in it was just a quick walk to the gate and off we go to a pre-adventure in korea for 12 hours, then on to the west coast for 18 days before settling in New York City.


The Send-Off


Today was a cold day! In fact as I write this just past midnight, it looks like the temperature is dipping to 9 deg tonight. Had a pretty normal day, walked YX to school, had a croissant and a coffee at Joe and a birthday song from ZJ and JT over a video call.

We napped and then went to dinner at flat top.

I have taken so many pictures of as I pass it. Here’s one of them:


I had been missing my key for the past 2 days so when I arrived home and turned the key I noticed it had been latched. Weird. Opened it up carefully expecting maybe some bad company and found this bunch instead with a mille crepe cake from Lady M! 🙂

Was nice chatting into the evening. Left at about 2330 to go home. Washed up, basic packing 🙂 Good day.


Birthday #31