Side Projects


Shift blog to DigitalOcean

Been wanting to move multiple WordPress-based websites to DigitalOcean and do my own hosting. Crazed performance and learning opportunity.

A Hello World iOS App

Following a tutorial from over herehere and here.

Trip Documentation

Documenting my travels and stuff from before I arrived in NYC. Big plan over in this post.

Read Book: Decisive

Been reading this book for forever! Wanna finish it as soon as possible and move on to another.



Wooden Chair

Picked this one up on the way home from Penny University on the road side. Took it apart and sanded it a little. Far too wet at the moment so I left it to dry for a bit. Wet weather doesn’t help. Still needs some more sanding, painting, a new seat and new upholstery!

Mini-fied Keys

Chopped up a couple of keys and bolted them together. Probably a total of 3 hours and a couple of dollars. Almost manages to get lost in my back pocket!

Steel/Cane Chair

This chair was picked up while I was driving out of pasir panjang wholesale centre. It was just sitting abandoned by the roadside in relatively okay condition. Just needs a little sanding (done!), black matte paint over (done!) and a new cushion and smoothened out feet.

Log Stool

Picked up this large block of wood at Depot Road. It was lying there for quite a while in the recent rainy weather and had a good amount of critters. Needs sanding, polyutherene finish and optional rebar handles.

Small Log Side-Table

Picked up this small block at the roadside along pasir ris drive 3 when some trees were chopped down. Needs drying (10 years?! nope, never happening), a whole lot of sanding (done), finishing(done) and some pretty hairpin legs. Completed!

Medium Log Side-Table

Pretty much the same as the small block! but even more work. Haha.. currently waiting for tung oil finish (done). Completed!

Kindle Screen Replacement

Squashed my kindle screen. Need to remove the old screen (done!), order a screen, clean up the sticky stuff and install the new screen(done!).

Photos - Australia

Post 100 photos from Australia.

Photos - Europe

Post 100 photos I took on the Pentacon 6 from Europe. I have 16 rolls of film photos all scanned in but not edited or posted.

E&J's Wedding Photos
Grad Shoot 2014
L&C's Wedding Photos


Nike Sportband

Replace battery in the nike sportsband. Its kinda old and it tuned out my foot sensor is flat too. Now I’m stuck I guess.. Haha..


Tandem Bike

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