I’ve been missing in action here, most probably because my job has been great and I’ve never really enjoyed myself more but also because it’s been a little bit hectic with all my commitments hanging over me for the next 2 years or so.



Self Doubt

While self-doubt is usually frowned upon and met with strong reassurance from most politically correct people (and thankfully there are these kinds of people around to make you feel better even though you really have nothing to feel better about.. haha..) I think sometimes some cold-blooded, refreshing takes on your work are necessary. Its so hard to evaluate your own work in an objective manner because you’re never really sure whether your opinion of yourself is too lax or too harsh. That’s effectively self-doubt-ception if you think about it – doubting your opinion of your own opinion but maybe we shall leave that for another day šŸ˜‰


2012 in Summary

Just decided to take a quick look at how the year has passed for me by going through my lightroom archives (21589 photos) like I did last year and pull out a photo a month. Some months were dry and some months very happening like October. I just picked one that probably stands out at the moment for whatever reasons.

This year I got married, had a few changes for family with my sister moving away for a while with her family,Ā did quite a bit of travelling/hanging about with different people and am quite satisfied with how it went. Bali, Meleka, Bintan, Australia, Desaru, Osaka.

I’m pretty fortunate to have had the resources, time and support to have done what I’ve done. Don’t think I’d re-do it any other way. So here it is in pictures!

January 2012 - I got married!

January 2012 – I got married!

This was obviously a big deal. haha! Those who helped and everything that transpired is still pretty clear in my mind šŸ˜‰ thanks for the memories!

February 2012 - Did up my family portrait!

February 2012 – Did up my family portrait!

We did this before my sister left. Finally all graduates! As much as I complain, I think its really useful to have a degree and my dad and mom have worked very hard to put us through theĀ gauntlet.

March 2012 - My dad's 60th birthday at MBS

March 2012 – My dad’s 60th birthday at MBS

My dad turns 60 this year, 2 years from retirement age! Its really time for him to get some rest and do some things he likes to do. We spent this year at MBS with all of us staying over. It was a nice time.

March 2012 - Sister flies to UK for 2 years!

March 2012 – Sister flies to UK for 2 years!

Heh, this farm of kids went over to the UK for 2 years for David’s further studies. Thank God for Whatsapp! Always so updated with their life over there.

April 2012 - Sandra has a proper cut in 1000 years!

April 2012 – Sandra has a proper cut in 1000 years!

Heh, Sandra’s haircut wasn’t really a big event, I just thought it characterized my year of getting to know a few couples. I think God has answered a prayer from long time ago and I’m seeing where he’s taking me and YX in the years to come.

May 2012 - Breakfast with Mama at prive

May 2012 – Breakfast with Mama at prive

This breakfast still is pretty clear in my mind, IĀ rememberĀ the horror of finding out what goes into making hollandaise sauce… Egg yolks and Butter! heh. Up for breakfast next year is food for thought at the botanical gardens.

June 2012 - Corrine May with Louis & Christine

June 2012 – Corrine May with Louis & Christine

Heh, This was the first time I went to this kind of a concert. Overall a good experience. Nice company, good music.

July 2012 - Meleka ;)

July 2012 – Meleka šŸ˜‰

Heh, a small spontaneous trip with these two to melaka. Much fun and hanging around with them in the days and nights in the hostel. Time spent with people is precious time I think. There doesn’t need to be much exchange, just common experiences I guess.

August 2012 - Bintan!

August 2012 – Bintan!

Heh, this was an interesting jellyfishing trip.

September 2012 - End/Start ;)

September 2012 – End/Start šŸ˜‰

This was a good month. I think I never felt so relieved. Led to me laying the foundations of my photography work proper.

October 2012 - Australia :)

October 2012 – Australia šŸ™‚

The look on my face says it. heh. This was taken by the wife on my Bessa R3a and Kane’s 15mm f2.8, good stuff. Australia was a fantastic experience, both the hospitality we received and the things we did.

October 2012 - Desaru!

October 2012 – Desaru!

More other-people time! Heh, quick trip to ostrich farm and such! TheĀ accommodationsĀ were great!

November 2012 - One day in Osaka

November 2012 – One day in Osaka

ThisĀ unbelievableĀ one-day trip courtesy of jetstar is definitely one of the highlights of the year. haha.. The hostel peeps were great and we had a great time with them late into the night.

December 2012 - Spent 2 weekends with these 2 while the wife was away

December 2012 – Spent 2 weekends with these 2 while the wife was away

Shamelessly tagged along with these 2 on 2Ā separateĀ weekends and really enjoyed the company. Once again, the highlight is not really about individual people I hang around with but more ofĀ realizingĀ how much of this year has been spent hanging around with other people.

This year has meĀ realizingĀ how loosely I have to hold on to relationships, its not something we can really hold on to. Sometimes they blow out into the wind and flutter around before coming by again. I just trust that God brings and takes away whoever he wills at each stage of my life. Looking forward very much to 2013! There are so many things it will bring.