Stuff I Did, This Blog

Stuff I Did

Thought to start a category just to remind myself that I actually did stuff and wasn’t wasting my time. Perhaps I’ll look back and say “wow I was crazy to have done all this!”. Its certainly better than saying “wow where did all my time go?” Or “wow I wish I did more”.

So to kick it off I took the afternoon to apply a layer of tung oil to my logs and then fix the car bumper. Its been hanging loose below the car and scraping on the road humps for a while now. I think it came loose when I was parking head first and scraped it off. A bit of pushing and pulling and it was done. Pretty easy!

This Blog

Fresh Start

I’ve just rebooted my blog and archived all my 2000 posts. It’s been very interesting to look back and see where I’ve been since my blogger blog and I’d like to keep going far into the future on a platform I can control and archive as I please.

Why scrap everything?

I didn’t really scrap everything, I’ve archived it but I am starting out again with as little modifications to my blog as possible to allow for upgrading and future-proofing all the formatting and stuff. I want to spend as little time as I can on theĀ aestheticsĀ and more on content. Proper writing, spelling, pictures, captions, updates. At the end of my life, or at least further into the future, I’d like to have something to look back on.

I also would like to reclaim and consolidate my online personality. If you didn’t already notice, there is only 1 of me in the online universe. Its kind of interesting to be able to have people read and understand your thoughts online and getting to know you by reading your 2000 blog posts but sometimes the context of my thoughts are not clear enough in writing and unlike the me of yesteryear, I’d rather not be misunderstood. Yes, I am probably getting old and becoming soft! Just another change in my ongoing life.

What can you expect?

WordPress has come a long way since version 1.5. As I write, it is currently at 3.5 and supports many interesting features out of the box that I feel can easily mimic other passing publishing platforms of the moment such as Imstagram, facebook and twitter. Its always great to know I will be in control of this site and it’s contents. I’ll be posting images, work, thoughts about life, musings about work and generally anything I’d be comfortable saying in public. These will also hopefully be easily cross-posted to the social platforms where my friends may be.

Hopefully, this will present a unified personality that will be accurate and telling of who I am and what I do.

Lastly, I still have a walled garden of non-public thoughts that I don’t know where to store and I’d also like to go through those 2000 old posts and have them online again but the time required to review them is enormous! Perhaps some time in future, bit by bit I’ll have them up again. In the meantime, here’s an image to kick off blog:

My moo cards that arrived in a happy white box.

My moo cards that arrived in a happy white box.