Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

I won this book from the softlayer challenge I took part in last year but never got around to reading it. I’ve a paper copy…

…but got a copy on my kindle to be able to bring it around easily.

I’m plowing through the book and practicing a little speed reading at the same time (one saccade per line). It’s interesting how our fast thought and our deliberate thought are occasionally at odds with one another and how our gut feels are sometimes substitute an easy question for a hard one without us knowing. Lousy example would be “Is it wise to do A?” is substituted with “Do I like A?” or “Should I buy this stock?” substituted with “What’s today’s price?”

A random book review I haven’t read over here should have a little more detail should you require it.


In most people’s minds, spending money on luxuries sets off alarms that making investments doesn’t. Luxuries seem self-indulgent. And unless you got the money by inheriting it or winning a lottery, you’ve already been thoroughly trained that self-indulgence leads to trouble. Investing bypasses those alarms. You’re not spending the money; you’re just moving it from one asset to another. Which is why people trying to sell you expensive things say “it’s an investment.”

– Paul Graham