Anniversary #1

Very quickly, its been a year already since our wedding. The wife is flying in the air now and I’m heading to bed. Had a pretty good anniversary stay lounging around most of the time, main highlights were something like

  • 4 hour nap
  • Dinner
  • Watch Documentaries/Movies
  • Read
  • Wander Orchard Road
  • Crazy huge breakfast

Heh, think it was something really different from usual with regard to what we usually do. Enjoyed it much though!

Brunch at symmetry, with the beautiful wife as usual.

Brunch at symmetry, with the beautiful wife as usual.

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Brunch at symmetry


Caught Les Misérables at a midnight show yesterday at the Cathay. I noticed Colm Wilkinson as the priest early on and I think that was pretty much as excited as I got. I’m very surprised at all the singing though, probably because my expectations were so low. The camera angles and such brings you uncomfortably close with each character as they sing their piece. Overall quality of the whole production was really great though. Nice.

Les Misérables