When I talk to young people who seem destined for great success, I tell them to forget about charities and giving. Concentrate on your family and getting rich—which I found very hard work. I personally and the world at large are very glad you were more interested in computer software than the underprivileged when you were young. And don’t forget that those who don’t make money never become philanthropists.

Robert W. Wilson

Read this article here. What a perspective on life, money and purpose from 2 of the ultrarich. The context as follows:

Bill Gates and Robert W. Wilson, from an email exchange. Gates, who cofounded Microsoft in 1975, cochairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife; in 2006 Warren Buffett gave approximately $31 billion and became a trustee. Wilson founded his hedge fund Wilson & Associates in 1969, retired in 1986, and began giving away his fortune. His net worth peaked in 2000 at $800 million. In 2013 he leaped to his death from his Manhattan apartment, having given away $600 million. “One of the dumbest things you can do with money,” he told Forbes in 1979, “is spend it.”

Wow. What is life right?


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