The End of Things

Yesterday, I had to give up another thing in my life. I realise when you experience the end of a thing it changes your perception of your past relationship with it. This is especially with regard to things you depend on greatly and take for-granted. I guess you can extrapolate it to the people around you as well.

Anyway here is a picture of the car I’ve used daily for the past 3 years at the scrapyard. This is stupid but I felt like it might have been feeling a bit confused and abandoned, left to face the world on it’s own.

This picture made us sad. Pretty heart-wrenching for us.

This picture made us sad. Pretty heart-wrenching for us.

I felt like I was abandoning it. Haha.. Oh well. I’m done moping about it already. I’m glad it was around when it was because it certainly took me many places and enabled so many activities. I’m also thankful for my parents who provided it.

Looking forward to the future, and taking some time to record this so I can glance at the past some day in the distant future. Nothing lasts forever, so appreciate things while they last.


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