Shopping Spree

I am writing this to mark the day I bought my first automatic watch. Well the watch is also to remember this year’s major trip to the US and something nice for the start of my thirties and an early birthday present.


It was triggered by the cousin sending me a link to countycomm’s website with all kinds of military stuff and the Maratac Pilot series of watches stood out. I’ve been there before but have never really checked out the watches. On Sunday evening I did a quick search for Maratac on Carousel and there it was at list price in SGD – new. Contacted the seller and got it the same evening. I think I really like it, I hope it will outlast me.

Currently the strap is a super basic nonsense Zulu but I think it makes a good pair with the featureless, brandless watch face. Will keep a lookout for a leather one to make it a dress watch when required.

On an unrelated note, I also happened to pick up my 3rd pair of Salomon shoes for hiking in the US as well as everyday use. I still remember my first Salomon was bought at $60, second at $90, this one was $178! Still.. Each one lasts a good 3-4 years. Totally worth it. I think the lacing system is just unrivaled  easy to tighten and take off. Tidy too. Wearing them as much as I can to break them in fast!


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