Today was a cold day! In fact as I write this just past midnight, it looks like the temperature is dipping to 9 deg tonight. Had a pretty normal day, walked YX to school, had a croissant and a coffee at Joe and a birthday song from ZJ and JT over a video call.

We napped and then went to dinner at flat top.

I have taken so many pictures of as I pass it. Here’s one of them:


I had been missing my key for the past 2 days so when I arrived home and turned the key I noticed it had been latched. Weird. Opened it up carefully expecting maybe some bad company and found this bunch instead with a mille crepe cake from Lady M! 🙂

Was nice chatting into the evening. Left at about 2330 to go home. Washed up, basic packing 🙂 Good day.


Birthday #31


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