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Separated at Last

This is what happened this evening:

Finally, the two apart again..

Finally, the two apart again..

You don’t know how happy I am to see these 2 separated. Its been about 5 months of my 5D Mk2 and it’s battery grip being stuck together after a gear in the battery grip got stripped and wouldn’t allow me to detach the two.

Went down to the cousin’s place just to borrow a Dremel but ended up doing the whole operation there. Simple enough, just drill out a hole enough to look in and use a hammer to manually turn the gears.

Replaced it with a 3rd party replacement that uses a brass gear instead of plastic. Good stuff! Here’s a picture of the old dial stripped into oblivion and the nice shiny new brass one beside it. Notice the hole in the dial I had to bust to remove the grip.

IMG_0171Pretty happy!


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