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After a couple of weeks of not being able to walk she finally stopped eating and drinking for a day and went to rest in the afternoon of 25th August 2014.

How aloof can one dog be

Rocher in dignified times


Looking poised


I was told beagles would be greedy and eating till they had one (or two) feet in the grave and it is absolutely true. Even when she was unable to walk, she would still eat when we lifted her head over her bowl. Her entire life she was always nudging our legs with her wet nose at the table begging for food and she loved the lotus roots I fed her along with whatever she could get. I think she even tipped one of my aunt’s carrot cake to the floor and ate it all during the chinese new year.

"oh hai"

“oh hai”

At the SPCA

picked her from the SPCA

At the SPCA

At the SPCA

Think this was from the early days at home

Think this was from the early days at home

I remember when we got her from the SPCA, my mom and sister picked her and she was this aloof bundle of energy.  She came when she was 4 and she’d always sheepishly walk away when I tried to take a picture of her. When she was too lazy to walk she would just turn away and give me this evil eye. I did manage to get  quite a few photos though.

"what are you doing to me human.."

“what are you doing to me human..”

heh heh heh

heh heh heh let me leave these guys a present..




her favourit-est corner of the house. Nice and warm because of the fridge


Sunning in the open

I never really wanted her at the start. I was always still nursing a gap left by Candy and I guess I never really get over any of the dogs I lost. I always wonder whether it would be worth it to have a companion all these years only to outlive each of them time and again. We see them from cradle to grave, a mini reflection of what it means to take care of human companions and be committed to the very end. I wonder how people do this time and again and how can we bear leaving others behind or be left behind by others. It’s simply too tough.


watching the world go by


Her gently accusing eyes whenever I take a picture.. heh..

So indicated in my calendar, every 29th of August I think of Candy, and now every 25th I will think of Rocher as well. 2 silly dogs that took up residence in my heart and left a big vacuum when they left. I’m not sure why I don’t think of Lolly as much.. perhaps because she never suffered the indignities of old age. Perhaps because of that I didn’t feel like I invested a lot even though I might have.


Will I ever have enough space for another dog? perhaps not. 3 holes are enough for now. Oh dearie you guys feel so far away now. See you all.



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