New Project – Log Stool


Just found some time to set this guy on fire to get rid of insects and stuff hiding inside. Turns out there was nothing much to begin with. Stripped off most of the bark and set it out in the sun to dry.


I picked up this large block of wood at Depot Road. It was lying there for quite a while in the recent rainy weather and had a good amount of critters, ants and grubs. I flipped it a couple of meters in the morning in the hope that the insects would leave by the time I got back in the evening and they did!

When I arrived 10 hours later, the log was relatively insect free but with soggy bark and in really wet condition. I stripped off as much bark as I could with a flat screwdriver and double bagged it with trash bags before dumping it in the car. Pretty happy! This piece is probably going to be sanded and sealed with polyutherene. I might add rebar handles if I can find out some way to bend them 90 degrees and attach them securely. First, I have to dry it for a couple of months 😉


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