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On the 28th of November 2013 I had a nice 91km running goal set for me. It was never in my mind un-do-able or ridiculous, just something stupid/funny I took seriously. After a year of on and off running (more off than on really) I recently completed the distance in chunks I would consider generally substantial.

Just to recap (Click for Large Sized Image):


Originally planned as a series of 15km, 20km, 25km and finally a 30km run, the whole thing took on a life on it’s own. I ended up hitting a wall at 21km distances when running on my own so I had to take some drastic measures to increase that. I did manage a 25km on one unrecorded attempt (phone battery went flat) but went no further on my own.

Anyway, 612.3km of recorded runs later (and a WHOLE lot of unrecorded runs) here are some statistics:


Some Stats



So I attempted some distances and did it mostly alone but many of these runs were with other people that still appear clearly in my memory.


I think this particular one was with the smallest Chern. What a run, she’s quite the champ




This was a run where I didn’t feel like stopping after reaching my usual 5km halfway point. Ended up going to 7.5km, then to 10km as the halfway point making a total of 20km.



This was the 2XU 21k with Alan and YC. A very enjoyable one.


After completing one 25km somewhere in the middle of the year, I finished one mega long recent run to achieve the 91km target.

I kinda feel I have closure now. What a year of running. I discovered quite a bit about myself and what it takes to get going and what happens when I stop. I’ll probably keep running, but now to work my weight down!


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